Chainsaw Pattern

A patter created for a collaborative project. Here is the finish and the original line work.

Now on Tumblr

Hello! Just to let you know I am now on Tumblr! I am not completely abandoning this blog as of yet, but will slowly begin to phase it out. Thanks for looking at my stuffs and hope to see you over on my Tumblr page. Hi-5!

For now Enjoy this little photoshop animation I created.

Tiger Eyebrows

Here is a commissioned portrait that I have been meaning to post for a while now. It is of a fairly well known eclectic, creative, free spirited Tucson local by the name of Nico. It was great to meet him and work on this project.


SVA MFA Illustration Halloween Zine

Here is my illustration for the SVA MFA Illustration Halloween Zine.

AKA Broadway Competition

Here is my submission for the AKA Broadway Competition in Marshall Arisman's class at SVA.

Some new works

Some new works. Inked from pencil sketches and ready to be finished digitally.