More Bodies N' Type

I just finished binding 30 more copies of my book! Visit Vamp and Tramp, Printed Matter or contact me for inquiries and more info. I have about 90 left to trim, collate and bind. So keep an eye out for more. Thanks to SpaceHeater Editions for all the help getting this book published.

P.S. All copies are part of a singed and numbered edition of 150

Heritage Skateboards - The Four Lumberjacks

Final illustrations as digital mocks.

 Final screen printed decks.

The first Heritage Skateboard series turned out great, though this run will be limited to the one you see here. They will be for sale for inquires can be made at Heritage Skateboard. Keep your eyes out for new graphics to come soon. Sorry for the bad iPhone photos, I will upload some better ones soon...

Heritage Skateboards

2 down, 3 to go. A five board series screen printed in two colors on hand shaped Oregon white oak skateboards, provided by my good friend and fellow creative Bo Douglas. Visit his page at

American Illustration - Chosen

Two of my pieces that have been select for the Chosen category in this years American Illustration 33.